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Cambridge Consciousness Forum organises events with speakers, videos and sharing and discussion in small, facilitated groups on topics related to the nature and evolution of consciousness.


Of course, in the light of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, we are complying with government guidance, so until further notice, all events will have to be on line. 

Our latest event, Psychedelics and the World Crisis, with Chris Bache, Maria Papspyrou and Mick Collins was a big success on Zoom, live-streamed through YouTube. You can see the recordings of the full event and of the individual talks below in the video library.

We look forward to organising more events in the future, and hope to see you there! 


Cambridge Consciousness Forum organises events with speakers, videos and sharing and discussion in small, facilitated groups on topics related to the nature and evolution of consciousness.

The aim is to create a safe space for sharing and exploration, prompted by hearing about the thoughts and experiences of others. We don't say 'This is how it is', but ask 'What do you think? Does this resonate with your experience?'

Past Events

First event - 12 October, 2019

This was the most amazing day! About 75 people attended, which is absolutely brilliant, and the atmosphere was wonderful!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make today happen.

Firstly, of course, our wonderful speakers, Dr Peter Fenwick, Dr Steven Taylor and Iain Ball who gave presentations and spoke of their experiences.

Thanks also to the volunteers from the Cambridge Group Therapy Centre who held the space in our small groups, and to Jason Read who video-recorded the speakers. And of course to all the people who just rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in serving the teas, moving tables and chairs, etc. It all came together beautifully, and that is thanks to everyone who was there. So thank you all! 🙂

Jason Reed has edited and uploaded videos of the speakers on a our YouTube channel called Cambridge Consciousness Forum. He has also uploaded them on our page on Facebook. You are free to share those videos with whomever you like.

A lot of people asked if we could have more days like this. I'm all for it! 🙂 

One of the things I loved about today is how it brought all of us together and allowed us to share with one another thoughts, feelings and experiences that go so deep and are so core to who we are as human beings, but which we usually have so little opportunity to explore with others in a safe space.

With much love to you all, Jeannet

The Revolution of Consciousness - Shifting Myths in the Modern World - 21 March, 2020

Cambridge, UK

This day of sharing and discussion on the theme of 'The Revolution of Consciousness – Shifting Myths in the Modern World' on 21 March, 2020, sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

The idea for the day came out of our experience of living in a world in crisis and addresses the question of how we find personal meaning and a sense of direction through our experience.

A copy of the Powerpoint with voice-over of one of the presentations is posted on the Cambridge Consciousness Forum channel on YouTube. 

This presentation offers one way of answering that question drawing on Carl Jung, Ervin Laszlo, Stan Grof, Maria Papaspyrou and James Hollis.

These authors point to the vital importance of engaging with our inner depth - the personal and collective unconscious - to find wisdom and healing. They suggest we need to revalue the archetypal Feminine which Western culture has devalued and repressed, to restore a sense of inter-connection and a balance in how we live.

Engaging in this work, facing archetypal levels of consciousness and the individual and collective trauma held in our Shadow, can be very challenging. It may involve experiences of 'ego-death' as our everyday awareness is overwhelmed and our sense of personal boundaries is temporarily suspended.


We look at how two archetypal myths, that of the Hero's Journey and of the Great Mother (Anima Mundi), can inspire us and guide us through such encounters.

The presentation considers, if the numinous power of particular myths to guide us is relative to time and culture, whether we might be going through a time of a waning of these two myths, prior to a new myth emerging.

At the end of the presentation a number of prompt questions are given for discussion, as well as a number of books I have found helpful. I realised I had forgotten to list another really good book by Mick Collins - The Visionary Spirit. Don't let that put you off from reading it, though! It is a wonderful book!

Anyone who would like to share this presentation for discussion with friends or family, or wants to share it on social media, is very welcome to do so.


* * *

The Cambridge Jungian Circle kindly offered a space to hear the presentation that would have been given on 21 March at their Zoom webinar on on 17 April.


I added some additional material from Chris Bache's new book. He shares further insights from his experience into the questions for us to consider, around how we can make sense of what is happening in the world and how we can find our own place and meaning in that.


It was a really good evening with several people sharing their own thoughts and experiences. 

This is a pre-recorded version of the updated talk, in case you want to hear it. There is also a link below, with the other videos.



This was an amazing event with Chris Bache, Maria Papaspyrou and Mick Collins, offering profound insights and visions to sustain us during this time of global crisis. I know I will be coming back to their talks for a long time to come.


This is the link if you want to watch the live recording. 



Our speakers on the day were Chris Bache, Maria Papaspyrou and Mick Collins. These are the titles of their respective talks:

Chris Bache

A Visionary Experience of the Birth of the Future Human

Maria Papaspyrou

The Regenerative Wisdom of Femtheogenic Consciousness

Mick Collins

Philodelia: The Heart of Deep Transformation

Because it was a live recording, there is a lot of waiting time. You can skip to the speakers at - Chris Bache - at 43 minutes in, Maria Papaspyrou - at 1h57m, and Mick Collins - at 3h11m. The Q&A starts at 4h43m.) The intro starts at about 25 minutes in. 

Here is a bit of information on Chris, Maria and Mick.

Chris Bache has written several books giving insight into the nature of consciousness. His latest book, LSD and the Mind of the Universe, Diamonds from Heaven, offers a deeply reflective and beautifully written account of 73 high dose LSD sessions he undertook over 20 years. It offers a wonderfully clear description of the insight into human consciousness and the nature of reality from his experience.

Maria Papaspyrou co-edited the book Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine. She has spoken widely on the subject of the need for Western culture to reconnect with the Archetypal Feminine and more intuitive, deep ways of knowing. She is currently co-editing a book with Tim Read on psychedelic states and inner work. Chris also has a chapter in that book.

Mick Collins' first book, The Unselfish Spirit, explores the transformation of consciousness in a time of global crisis, through new ways of knowing, being and doing. His second book, The Visionary Spirit, considers the meaning of the imaginal realm in relation to depth psychology and the sacred feminine. The book he is currently writing, The Restorative Spirit, focuses on soul progression in the Transformocene Age”.

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Psychedelics and the World Crisis – 27 September, 2020

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Update - next Cambridge Consciousness Forum event.

The plan had been to organise another on-line speaker event like the one in October last year, perhaps to explore the collective dimensions of trauma and how that impacts on us individually.


I find my inbox is full of notifications of the most amazing speaker events, courses, webinars and summits every day, though. It makes me wonder if the world really needs another one organised by CCF …

That got me thinking. At our first event, in September 2019, about 70 people got together at the Friends’ Meeting House in Cambridge to listen to Peter Fenwick, Steve Taylor and Iain Ball who introduced the topic of Near-Death Experiences, Spiritual Transformation and the Evolution of Consciousness.

Primed by the speakers, we got together in small, facilitated groups (15-20 people each) to share our own thoughts and experiences. There was a wonderful, inspiring energy when we came back together for the plenary Q&A.

Could we do something like that online?

It would be different, of course, as we wouldn’t see all of each other. We would miss a lot of the warmth and immediacy of being physically close, able to touch one another – but perhaps it could still offer something special. It could be a time to come back from the overwhelm so many of us have been feeling to who we are at our roots - our own experiences, feelings, our insights.


We could hear from other people, just like us, about how things are for them.

In March 2020 we were planning an event to explore how we make sense of these dark times, to help us get through. We didn't go ahead because of Covid. Now a year on, we know that the times, indeed, have been very dark. Many of us have had our lives irrevocably changed.


We’ve been ill and lost colleagues and loved ones. We have not been able to be with our elders and others cared for away from home. We have lost our livelihoods and our homes. The strain of being locked-down in restricted spaces, often with small children, has taken its toll on our relationships, sometimes finding expression in hurtful ways. Some of us have been stretched to and beyond our limits at work, and it’s been hard to hold on to a sense of a positive future.

It feels like now we may be on the brink of things starting to improve. We hope the world might start to open up again, but it still feels precarious. We don’t quite know what the new world will look like, and there are other huge issues still to deal with. We are tired and we all carry our share of grief. How do we move forward into the future?

Perhaps we could explore some of these things. 

Someone could introduce the day to get us started. We could have some self-reflective / expressive space and then go into small groups (5 or so people each, with a facilitator and some guidelines on how we manage the time) to explore how we are feeling and how we plot our course into the future – our own, and our collective futures.

We could explore what we have learned from our time with Covid about what is important to us, and how we negotiate the interface between the collective movements and our own individual worlds – inner and outer? Where we find wisdom and inspiration to tackle what lies ahead? How our inner and outer worlds shade into one another, and how that dialogue shows up in our experience?

I wasn't sure if this would work via Zoom – it would be an experiment.

We could offer the option for those who want that, to attend BAME or BIPOC only groups. If some people wanted to explore in that way, it could allow different perspectives to emerge. Different life experiences and cultural backgrounds might bring different resources and different rich understandings, which we could then pool and draw on in the plenary at the end.

In the same way, if there are enough people that want that, maybe we could have an LGBTQ+ only group, men or women only groups, or groups for people who have been affected by Covid or other issues in specific ways …

We could share different perspectives on how we can move forward in a way that is rich and open, and nurturing to all of humanity and life on our planet.

But would people come?

To see if there would be an interest in this kind of event, I posted a version of the above on the Cambridge Consciousness Forum Facebook page, asking for comments. 


I also wonder what you think.


If you have any thoughts on this or any other suggestions, please let me know. If there is enough interest, we could organise something in the next couple of months.


Otherwise I suggest we wait until the Covid restrictions ease up again to a point that we can physically get together to meet and share.


Won't that be an amazing and wonderful moment! 


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